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Definition: Contaminated land contains substances which, when present in sufficient quantities or concentrations are likely to cause harm, directly or indirectly to man, to the environment or on occasion to other targets.

The Investigation should involve at least 3 phases:
(a) Preliminary (desk study and site reconnaissance)
(b) Exploratory (preliminary sampling, monitoring)
(c) Detailed (detailed on site exploratory work)

(a) To determine any risks arising
(b) To determine effects of forseeable events e.g. rising water table
(c) To provide a basis of treatment for discussions with third parties e.g. local authority

(a) Excavation and removal of contaminated soil
(b) Physical containment using covers and in-ground barriers
(c) Hydraulic control for the treatment of contaminated surface or ground water

Dorking Business Park Case Study

Original Gasworks Site

Trial Pit Investigations 

Developed Site


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